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Driver Drowsiness & Attention Warning System


Product advantages

  • Compliance with EU GSR 2021/1341 DDAW requirements, as well as based on EURONCAP 3. OCCUPANT STATUS MONITORING.
  • Detects the driver's state through advanced features such as line-of-sight angle and eve-tracking, ensuina driying condition more precisely and carefully the detection accurancy up to 99%.
  • Follow the ISO 21434 (ECE R155/R156) cybersecurity and UDS development process.
  • With failure and self-check modes (comprehensive vehicle anomaly detection, sensor shielding, contamination, poor light sensitivity , etc.)
  • Adopting automotive-grade chipset, suitable for all types of commercial vehicles, including models of both Class M and Class N.
  • Strict quality and design requirements have been adopted by well-known overseas car companies.
  • According to EU GSR 2021/1341 DDAW regulations.

Regulatory certification

  • E-mark E24
  • FCC


Product Details

Regulations Overview

Research indicates that up to 20% of road collision incidents and as much as 25% of fatal and severe injury accidents are primarily attributed to driver fatigue. The European Union established regulation (EU) 2019/2144 , the European Parliament and of the Council mandates motor vehicles of categories M and N to be equipped with driver drow siness and attention warning (DDAW) systems from 6 july 2022 for new types and from 7 july 2024 for all new vehicles.

Driver Drowsiness & Attention Warning System

EU GSR 2021/1341 DDAW Driver Drowsiness and Attention Warning.The DDAW system must issue warnings to the driver when the driver's drow siness reaches level 8 or above on the KSS.

Driver Drowsiness & Attention Warning System