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Rear-Information Detection System (Radar solution)


Product advantages

  • Complies with UN ECE R158 RElS regulations for Detection Systems in the rear.
  • Suitable for various commercial vehicle types, low latency, and high performance.
  • Utilizes AEC-Q100 certified chips, meeting the requirements of all OEMs and aftermarket.
  • A pure radar solution is used to assist the driver in reversing and identify "vulnerable road users" in the blind spots behind the vehicle.
  • System failure and self-checking mode, detection of system anomalies, sensor obstructions, and malfunctions.
  • Stringent quality and design requirements, recognized by renowned overseas automotive companies.

Regulatory certification

  • E-mark E24


Product Details

Regulation Overview

According to research by the World Health Organization, it has been found that over 90% of vehicle accidents are caused by human factors. To reduce the occurrence of accidents and casualties, the European Union has enacted a series of regulations aimed at protecting

Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs), with the goal of reducing traffic accidents and accidents.
The European Union has currently issued three regulations regarding blind spot monitoring, which are UN ECE R151, UN ECE R158, and UN ECE R159. These three regulations became mandatory on July 6,2022.


UN ECE R158 sets out the minimum technical requirements for the reversing device of M and N category vehicles and the driver's rear view and detection of the vehicle when reversing.
Meet the vision requirements within the range of 0.3-3.5m behind the vehicle, or the detection range of objects within the range 0.2-1m behind the vehicle.

Meets UN ECE R158 regulatory requirements

According to the requirements of the new EU General Safety Regulation (GSR), all newly registered M and N category vehicles from July 2024 must be equipped.

REIS/RVCS Vehicle reversing blind spot warning system (pure radar solution)