about AUTOEQUIPS Technology

AUTOEQUIPS Technology Group, as a technology company dedicated to commercial vehicle onboard safety system solutions, has been committed to the exploration of vehicle safety since its establishment in 2000 and has become a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, and sales.

  • Vision

    To become the global leader
    in intelligent driving systems
    For safety

  • Mission

    To ensure accident-free travel
    With guaranteed safety

  • Values

    Innovation, Pursuit of excellence
    Responsibility, Sharing the future

R&D advantages

  • 20 years + continuous accumulation

    AUTOEQUIPS has been focusing on R&D in the field of commercial vehicles for more than two decades. It has a deep understanding of end customers' usage needs and application scenarios, and has a high degree of customization capabilities, allowing its products to be efficiently implemented and closer to market demand.

  • Regulations are forward-looking

    With many years of experience in designated vehicle certification by international car manufacturers, it has a high degree of forward-looking recognition of EU regulations, combined with overseas market experience and professional and technical strength, to provide customers with strong support for entering overseas markets.

  • International safety standard system

    It has ISO9001 international quality management system certification, IATF16949 international automotive industry quality management system certification, international safety standards ISO21434 and ISO 26262 development processes, software updates and management, ensuring the realization of customer needs while providing important support for car companies to enter the international market. and reliable guarantee.

  • Innovative mind

    AUTOEQUIPS is committed to the research and development of safe driving perception system technology for commercial vehicles and has obtained nearly 100 patents. We continue to increase investment in R&D manpower and resources, integrate advanced AI algorithms, vision and sensor technologies, and continue to explore and innovate.

AUTOEQUIPS is headquartered in Shenzhen and has its own production bases in Taiwan and Huizhou, of which the Huizhou production base covering an area of approximately 32,000 square meters. The R&D center in Taichung is dedicated to the research and development of cutting-edge technologies such as optical imaging and AI algorithms. As an innovation-driven enterprise, we possess nearly a hundred patents. Our products have passed various domestic and international certifications, including rigorous international safety standards such as ISO 26262 and ISO 21434. These certifications provide a solid foundation for automotive safety driving, contributing to the high-quality development of the commercial vehicle industry.

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