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ISA Intelligent Speed Assist System


Product advantages

  • Complies with EU GSR 2021/1958 ISA Intelligent Speed Assistance and EURONCAP 4 ASSESSMENT regulation.
  • Fusion of visual data with high-precision map data (European Union - 27 countries).
  • Dead reckoning,explicit and implicit speed limits.
  • Equipped with IS0 21434 (ECE R155/R156) network security standard development process, software update and management.
  • With system failure and self-check modes (vehicle-wide anomaly detection, sensor shielding, contamination, poor sensitivity , etc.)
  • Adopting automotive-grade chipset, suitable for all types of commercial vehicles, including models of both Class M and Class N.
  • Stringent quality and design requirements, recognized by renowned overseas automotive companies.
  • According to EU GSR 2021/1341 DDAW regulations.

Regulatory certification

  • E-mark E24
  • FCC


Product Details

Regulations Overview

The European Union investigation reveals that in 2019, the number of road fatalities in the EU reached as high as 23,000, with 30% of fatal accidents attributed to speeding. Consequently, on November 17, 2021, the EU introduced Regulation (EU) 2021/1958 , mandating that new vehicle models must be equipped with Intelligent Speed Assistance (lSA) functionality starting from july 6,2022. Furthermore, as of july 7, 2024, all newly registered vehicles must be equipped with lSA functionality, The lSA system is designed to alert drivers to decelerate when exceeding the speed limit.

ISA Intelligent Speed Assist System

Intelligent Speed Assistance System (lSA): When exceeding the speed limit, prompts the driver to decelerate to prevent accidents and mitigate their impact. The lSA system typically includes Speed Limit Information Function (SLlF) and Speed Limit Warning Function (SLWF).