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The first market integration technology solution (AI vision + radar) for EU regulations products helps domestic car manufacturers pass vehicle certification


In recent years, spurred by factors such as the COVID-19 epidemic, the Russia-Ukraine war, and the increasingly severe international situation, foreign companies have encountered obstacles in the supply chain and raw materials. This has combined with the increase in China's commercial vehicle supply chain and product cost-effectiveness, driving China's commercial vehicle exports to increase year by year. . Exports will explode rapidly starting in 2021. Commercial vehicle exports will jump to 582,000 units in 2022, a year-on-year increase of 44.9%. They will continue to maintain a high level and effectively drive the overall growth of the industry. The overseas export volume of commercial vehicles has hit new highs repeatedly, and exploring overseas markets has become one of the important strategies of Chinese commercial vehicle companies. Against this background, AUTOEQUIPS Technology Group has provided strong support for domestic car manufacturers to enter the European market by virtue of its years of overseas market experience and professional technical strength.

In November 2023, the Mercedes-Benz Allenbus hydrogen fuel cell bus J9 equipped with the world's only market-integrated technology (AI vision + radar) of AUTOEQUIPS Technology that passed EU regulations. The successful passing of the vehicle test marks that AUTOEQUIPS Technology Group's technical strength in the field of automotive safety, especially its professional capabilities for EU regulatory products, has once again been verified and recognized. In this certification process, AUTOEQUIPS Technology relied on years of experience in designated vehicle certification by international car manufacturers, and the certification process was carried out extremely quickly. In addition, Verveshare has passed the international security standard ISO21434 and has become the first company in China to comply with the UN ECE R155 network security and UN ECE R156 software update (UDS update) development processes. It has rich practical experience and can help car companies seize overseas markets. Take advantage of business opportunities.


At present, the European Union has issued three regulations on blind spot monitoring, namely UN ECE R151; UN ECE R158; UN ECE R159, and all three regulations will be enforced on July 6, 2022. The UN ECE R151 blind spot monitoring system BSIS mainly monitors the right blind spot of left-hand drive vehicles; the UN ECE R158 reversing monitoring system mainly monitors the rear blind spot when the vehicle is reversing; the UN ECE R159 pedestrian and bicycle movement monitoring system MOIS mainly monitors the front blind spot of the vehicle . All products in the European Standards and Regulations of AUTOEQUIPS Technology are equipped with system failure and self-test modes, and comply with the extremely stringent international safety standards ISO21434 and ISO 26262. The development process, software updates and management provide important support for car companies to enter the international market. and reliable guarantee.

The first market integration technology solution (AI vision + radar) for EU regulations products helps domestic car manufacturers pass vehicle certification

AUTOEQUIPS Technology's full range of European standard products are mainly as follows:


Since its establishment in 2000, AUTOEQUIPS Technology Group has always insisted on exploring the field of commercial vehicle on-board safety. Its products have passed a number of domestic and international conventional certifications and reliability certifications, including the stringent international safety standards ISO26262 functional safety and ISO21434 network information security certification. The company has paid attention to EU regulations since 2019 and won the first ABE certification in Germany that year. In 2021, it became the first in Asia to win the EU R46 electronic rearview mirror components and vehicle certification. As of now, AUTOEQUIPS Technology's electronic rearview mirrors and related regulatory products have accumulated more than 200,000 kilometers of actual mileage, and product reliability and stability are fully guaranteed.

AUTOEQUIPS own production base covers an area of over 36,000 square meters, and has a professional global after-sales service team that can quickly respond and deliver customer orders. In the future, AUTOEQUIPS Technology Group will continue to leverage its technological advantages and innovation capabilities, establish in-depth strategic partnerships with major domestic vehicle manufacturers, jointly promote the progress of safe driving perception systems for commercial vehicles, and strive to establish a leading position in the industry. .