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15" Camera Monitoring System


Product advantages

  • This configuration consists of 2 sets of II and IV class vision binocular cameras + 2 15-inch monitors,V and Vl class cameras can be configured according to different needs to conductmulti-angle real-time monitoring around the car body, with a visual range that is about 3 times that of traditional rearview mirrors.
  • To improve driving safety, the ultra-wide-angle camera can provide the driver with a wider field of view, and the multiple camera design reduces blind spots and improves driving safety.
  • The active anti-dazzle and night vision functions, through the automatic (manual) heating function of the camera, can easily cope with the imaging clarity in environments such as rain, snow, heavy fog, insufficient light or driving at night,providing guarantee for driving safety and reducing the probability of safety accidents.
  • The cross-sectional area of the CMS camera rearview mirror can be reduced toone-half or even lower than that of a traditional glass exterior mirror, there by reducing the wind resistance coefficient and saving fuel and electricity.
  • It effectively overcomes picture delay and reduces a series of technical problemssuch as image distortion, splicing distortion correction, playback frame number.transmission rate, etc., providing a more comfortable experience inhuman-computer interaction and driving.
  • This configuration can be matched with the V&VI category visual field configuration to achieve the II, IV, V, and VI viewing angle displays specified by regulations. lt solves the observation needs of Class II, IV, V, and VI front and passenger blind spots for commercial buses and trucks. Provideswider forward vision.
  • Comply with regulations E-mark R46. R118. R10 related regulations.

Regulatory certification

  • E-mark E24


Product Details