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Tangrong Vehicles-Hantang No. 1 (Alighter) Electric Bus Launch Conference


Tangrong Vehicles-Hantang No. 1 (Alighter) Electric Bus Launch Conference

Since the establishment of AUTOEQUIPS Technology Co., Ltd. in 2000, we have developed a wide range of different automotive cameras and displays. Now our solutions can reduce accidents by reducing the driver's blind spots and protect vulnerable road users. The product range includes 360-degree surround view systems with side blind spot warnings, electronic rearview mirrors, driving recorders, driver fatigue detection systems, driver assistance systems, etc.

In particular, our electronic rearview mirror (Blind VUE) system, which has just obtained EU regulation R46 certification, has attracted the attention of many customers. The reason is not only that we are one of the few companies in the world that can pass the regulatory certification, but also that this electronic rearview mirror is different from the traditional rearview mirror. It can not only expand the field of view, reduce the interference of glare and reflected light, but also improve visibility at night and in rainy days (the camera also has heating and defrosting function), and can also reduce the wind resistance of the vehicle itself, thereby reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs. In other words: it can reduce accidents and reduce costs.

WeShare Technology is committed to making driving and working environments safer and will continue to develop more products. For example, we are using AI deep learning technology to develop a blind spot identification warning system (BSIS) that complies with EU R151 regulations. Not only cameras but also radar technology are used for integrated applications. Please stay tuned and let us work together for a safer society.