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New national standard DVR freight solution system

DVR G04 car driving recorder integrates driving recorder, positioning technology, vehicle video monitoring, advanced driving assistance (optional), driver status monitoring (optional) and other functions, and supports communication with other vehicle electronic devices to provide remote monitoring Vehicle-mounted equipment that manages the information required by the platform. Support SD card as a storage medium to record the driver's driving information, driving video, GPS data and alarm data to achieve real-time supervision of the vehicle and driver status, avoid fatigue driving and speeding, reduce accident risks, and ensure the safety of vehicle driving , and at the same time, through the reading and analysis of driving data, it can provide a true and credible basis for the traffic management department to handle traffic accidents objectively and fairly. DVRGO4 has a high-speed processor, embedded Linux platform, and adopts advanced H.264/H265 video compression/decompression, network-free transmission, GPS/BDS positioning and other technologies. Supports 4 channels of AHD1080P, AHD720P, D1, HD1, CIF and 1 channel of IPC, enabling five-channel recording function.