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Vision Technology shines at 2023 Belgian Bus Show


From October 7 to 12, 2023, the world's top bus industry event - the Belgian World Bus Expo, was grandly held in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

As a landmark event leading the direction of the world's bus industry, the Belgian Auto ShowLinking the world's bus manufacturing and application industries will allow bus manufacturers, parts suppliers and bus users to have the opportunity to fully understand the trends in bus manufacturing and application, while also guiding the continuous development of new bus technologies and trends on a global scale.

This exhibition showcased many cutting-edge products and cutting-edge technologies, which was truly a feast for mainstream manufacturers around the world. As a leading company in the field of commercial vehicle safety, Weixiang Technology Group also shined among them.

Seize the opportunity of the times

Weixiang Group's products are heading global

In the exhibition hall, we are proud to find that Vision's leading CMS intelligent system has been widely used in buses of mainstream car manufacturers around the world. It was the first to pass the EU UNECER46/R10/R118 regulations certification, truly realizing the technology to help car companies and create information-based and intelligent vehicle products.

Weixiang Technology Group has always focused on commercial vehicles and has invested in research and development for more than 20 years. It has a deep understanding of the end customers' usage needs and application scenarios. The core value concept of "customer-centric" enables products to be implemented efficiently and closer to customer needs, providing intelligent system solutions for global partners.

BUSWORD exhibition, witness together that Made in China shines again on the international stage!